行人路 的英文怎麼說

行人路 英文
  • : 行Ⅰ名詞1 (行列) line; row 2 (排行) seniority among brothers and sisters:你行幾? 我行三。where...
  • : 1 (道路) road; way; path 2 (路程) journey; distance 3 (途徑; 門路) way; means 4 (條理) se...
  • 行人: 1. (在路上走的人) pedestrian 2. (姓氏) a surname
行人路 例句

Where there is a pavement or footpath, use it.


Walk only on the footway well away from the edge of the cycleway.


If there is a footway and cycleway side by side then you must not use the cycleway.


You must not ride a motor-cycle on a footway, pedestrian-only road, footpath, or public open space.


The number of complaints received by the integrated call centre (icc) and highways department (hyd) on uneven surface of paving slab footway for the last 2 years was about 950 each year.

(一) 過去兩年,綜合電話查詢中心 (查詢中心) 及路政署每年接到約 950 宗有關以鋪路磚鋪砌的行人路路面凹凸不平的投訴。

There are many factors which contribute to the uneven surface of precast paving slabs. This may be due to the heavy loading caused by illegal parking of vehicles on the footway ; improper construction methods and substandard reinstatement works after road excavation.

(二) 導致預制鋪路磚表面凹凸不平的因素很多,包括在行人路上違例泊車,以致路面負荷過重;鋪砌方法不當;以及掘路后進行的修復工程不合標準等。

From two international finance centre through the footbridge and the covered walkway in man kwong street.


The chief executive, mr tung chee hwa, visits tsuen wan to see the work of cleansing workers in the newly created jobs, including washing backlanes, removal of gum dirt on pavements and illegal bills.


Use the " central-mid-levels escalators " after 10 : 30 am from central to caine road, and walk westwards for around 10 minutes till you reach ladder street. Descend ladder street and turn left after the first flight of steps into caine lane. The museum is down caine lane, on your right.

(早上十時半后) 經中環至半山扶手電梯至堅道,再沿行人路向西步行約 10 分鐘至樓梯街,向下行並在左邊第一個路口轉入堅巷,博物館就在右邊。

Auseway bay is one of the most popular shopping districts in hong kong. It is flocked with crowds of people and heavy traffic day and night. However, congested footpaths, pedestrianvehicular conflicts, noise and air pollution from traffic, difficulties in crossing the roads, cluttered signage and monotonous streetscape make walking on the street not so enjoyable.


The stones were 1 m in height, with words " city of victoria 1903 " marked on them. The stones include the one at the kennedy town temporary recreation ground at sai ning street ; hatton road near po shan road ; the south of pokfulam road near the pedestrian subway of mount davis road ; bowen road near stubbs road ; old peak road near tregunter path, and the pedestrian road of the car park opposite to st. Paul s convent school at wong nai chung road.

界石約高一米,上面刻有" city of victoria 1903 "的字樣,它們分別位於堅尼地城西寧街堅尼地城臨時游樂場內、克頓道近寶珊道、薄扶林道近摩星嶺道的行人隧道入口、寶雲道近司徒拔道、舊山頂道近地利根德里山邊,及黃泥涌道聖保祿學校對面停車場行人路

Look out for pedestrians forced on to the roadway when a pavement or footpath is closed or blocked by works.


To enhance the workmanship, hyd promulgated guidelines on construction of paving slab footpath and offered in-house refresher courses to train up their supervisory staff to ensure good quality.


The pavements on both sides of the road are highly congested and pedestrians are forced to walk on the carriageway causing serious pedestrianvehicular conflicts. In addition, heavy vehicles manoeuvring intoout of hennessy centre s loadingunloading bay pose serious safety threats to the pedestrian crowd.


If there is no pavement on either side of the road, use the right hand side of the road as much as possible, and if practicable keep off the roadway and walk on the verge.


Ancillary works including earthworks, construction of embankments, footpaths, drainage and river training works, slope works, landscaping works, construction of retaining walls, and the erection of noise barriers.


Do not drive close to the pavement or verge ; allow room for a pedestrian to step onto the roadway.


Recently,Ihave received complaints from many members of the public that bicycles or trolleys, some of which being rather worn-out, are often illegally parked at railings alongside footpaths, in pedestrian subways and on footbridges in many places in tsuen wan, tung chung and tin shui wai of yuen long.


At about 10.45 pm, a private car drove past the junction of tung kun street and ching ping street. The female passenger of the private car made a report to police after she found the man lying unconscious on the pavement of tung kun street.


The public light bus stand for route no .25 on paterson street outside pearl city mansion will be relocated to the southern kerbside lane of kingston street beween 7 am and 7 pm.