An all-in-on WordPress Markdown Plugin provides a variety of features such as Markdown editor, live-preview, image-paste, HTML-to-Markdown helper, and more..

How it works

  1. WP Githuber MD will save your Markdown content into wp_posts.post_content_filtered.
  2. Parse the Markdown to HTML, save the parsed HTML content into wp_posts.post_content.

This plugin will detect your Markdown content and decide what scripts will be loaded, to avoid loading unnecessary scripts.
For example, if you enabled syntax highlight, you have to update your post again to take effects.


GIF animation

The demo shows you the following steps:


Convert HTML to Markdown by using HTML to Markdown tool.


Cut up a selection area of an image and copy it from Photoshop, then paste it to Markdown Editor.


Click "Update" button to save Markdown to post_content_filtered and save HTML to post_content (it is what you will see in result).

View the result.



  • PHP version > 5.3.0
  • WordPress version > 4.0
  • Tested up to 5.5.1


source download
GitHub repository
PHP Composer composer create-project terrylinooo/githuber-md wp-githuber-md


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-githuber-md directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress.
  3. Go to the WP Githuber MD menu in Plugins and set your Markdown options.


The better situation to use this plugin is you just started a new blog.

If you're planning to use this plugin in an existing blog, be sure to:

  • Turn off other Markdown plugins, because the similar plugins might do the same things when submitting your posts, may have some syntax conversion issues between Markdown and HTML.
  • My personal suggestion is to turn off revision and auto-save, there are options in setting page.


  • All-in-one Markdown editor.
  • Live preview.
  • Spell check.
  • Enable / disable Markdown for single post.
  • Support Gutenberg editor.
  • Support custom post types.
  • HTML-to-Markdown helper
  • Image copy & paste (support uploading to and
  • Syntax highlight.
  • Flow chart.
  • KaTex.
  • Sequence diagram.
  • Mermaid.
  • MathJax.
  • Emoji.
  • Github flavored Markdown task list.
  • Markdown extra...
  • Keyword suggestion tool.


thumbnail screenshot description
Image copy & paste Image copy & paste view Uplaoding images becomes much more eaiser, just copy and paste, then done. You can upload to your upload folder or host your images to
HTML to Markdown HTML-to-Markdown helper view Convert your old posts into Markdown by using HTML-to-Markdown helper that beside the Editor.
Syntax Highlighing Syntax Highlighing view Use Google prettify.js for the Editor's live-preview pane, and use prism.js for the fontend pages. You can choose your favorite theme for syntax hgihlighing.
Mermaid Module: Mermaid view Mermaid is a Markdownish syntax for generating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, gantt charts and git graphs.
KaTex Module: Katex view KaTex is a fast, easy-to-use JavaScript library for TeX math rendering on the web.
Flow Chart Module: Flow Chart view Draws simple SVG flow chart diagrams from textual representation of the diagram.
Sequence Diagram Module: Sequence diagram view Turns Text Into Vector UML sequence diagrams.
Setting Page 1 Setting page 1 view Markdown settings.
Setting page 2 Setting page 2 view Modules settings.


Created by Terry L. and contributors.
Thanks for the donators for supporting me, and the translators such as CoLocal and others for providing translation.



GPLv3 or later

Last modified: June 28, 2023