Mynote is developer’s theme.

Mynote is a WordPress theme specifically built for developers and programmers. This website is not only an online demo but also the creator Terry L.'s personal blog.

WP Githuber MD

Seek for an efficient way of writing your document?

Here is what you're looking for.
The best Markdown plugin you have ever seen in WordPress world.
Do you want to speed up your writing performance?

There is no premium version, free forever.

License: GPL v3 or later

v1.16.2   GitHub


  • All-in-one Markdown editor.
  • Live preview.
  • Spell check.
  • Keyword suggestion tool.
  • Enable / disable Markdown for single post.
  • Support Gutenberg editor.
  • Support custom post types.
  • HTML-to-Markdown helper.
  • Image copy & paste. (localhost, Imgur or
  • Syntax highlight. (prism.js)
  • Flow chart.
  • KaTex.
  • Sequence diagram.
  • Mermaid.
  • MathJax.
  • Emoji.
  • Github flavored Markdown task list.
  • Table of Content (In post or in widget)
  • Markdown extra...

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Get GitHub Account Back Even Lose 2FA Devcie and Recovery Codes
Get GitHub Account Back Even Lose 2FA Devcie and Recovery Codes

I lost access to my GitHub account due to forgotten two-factor authentication (2FA) details, panic set in. With no recovery codes or fallback options, I reached out to GitHub Support. Thankfully, after three days, a helpful staff member guided ME through an SSH key verification process, restoring access to my account.